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How to Add or Modify an ATM Class

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

NOTE: The creation of Classes is dependent on your Profile being 'Made Public'. If your Profile has not been 'Made Public', the Classes feature will not be enabled. See 'How to Create & Mange your Profile' for details.

Make sure you are logged in:

Go to 'Member Area' found beneath your username once your are logged in:

Click the 'Add/Modify class' button:

In the new page that opens use the drop down menu to select 'Add a new class':

Your name and email are auto populated for you. Fill in the fields as required. You can add the address if the class is face to face or you can add a link to the booking feature of your online class.

NOTE: 'Phone number' is a mandatory field.

Select which days the class runs.

Select the start and finish time. And select your Time Zone.

Provide a short description of the class. The description is limited to 300 characters (approximately 50 words).

Add a Cover Image for your class. Whilst this step is optional it is highly recommended as it will accompany your listing and make the class stand out. Click on the 'Cover Image (Page header)' button to select an image and upload it. Upload will occur when you finalise your Class by clicking the 'Create new' button.

Click the 'Create New' button to upload your new Class listing to the website. It will now appear in searches for Classes.

The newly created Class will also now appear in the 'Select existing class' drop down menu:

If you have another location that you run an ongoing class, you need to set up another class. Simply select 'Add New Class'.



Log in and enter the Member Area as described above. Click the 'Add/Modify class' button also described above.

From the 'Select existing class' drop down menu, select the Class you want to modify or delete:

To modify a class, just click on the fields you need to edit and adjust them as required.

Click the 'Update existing' button to finalise changes.

To delete a class, click on the checkbox labelled 'I approve the delation of this class' at the bottom of the page.

The 'Delete Class' button will then turn from white to blue signifying that it is now enabled. Click the 'Delete Class' button in its blue state to delete the selected class.

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