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A short lesson all about improving your breathing when wearing a mask

Practitioner List by State

Western Australia

Victoria and Tasmania


South Australia

Reading & Research

Study - Feldenkrais v Core stability rehabilitation program 

Pilot study - Alternate movement program for geriatric rehabilitation

Systematic review of Feldenkrais research compiled 2014

List of studies with abstract/summaries compiled May2015

Research paper discussing functional links between cognition and movement

Bodily Expressions - Article by Moshe Feldenkrais

Pain week handout

Chronic pain management handout

Article with case references regarding Scoliosis

Brief article detailing evidence linking movement and cognition

Hypothesis- Autism as a disorder of intentional movement

Feldenkrais Australia Journal

The FAJ is a periodic journal created by the AFG. It has a wide variety of articles covering many topics of interest related to the Feldenkrais Method

November 2012 - Embracing Change

May 2013 - New images for our use

December 2013 - Vision

June 2014 - The Voice

November 2014 - Habits

October 2015 - Hands

December 2016 - Neuroplasticity

2017-2018 - Love, Sex and Feldenkrais

2019 - Creativity

2020 - Learning