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What do Feldenkrais Practitioners do?

Feldenkrais Practitioners work in diverse fields of interest and in a variety of ways. Because movement is central to all human function and behaviour, you will find our work applied in a wide range of contexts - from hospital and clinical environments to school classrooms; from yoga studios to meditation sanctuaries; from equestrian facilities to prisons. Some practitioners work with sports or artistic performers to enhance outcomes and to minimise the chance of injuries. Others work with people who have suffered illness, injury, pain or trauma to help them regain functional movement. Others work with children with learning or movement challenges and many work with people who spend their days sitting, working with computers or dealing with the everyday stress of modern life to help them maintain their comfort and ease of movement.

Who can become a Feldenkrais Practitioner?

Anyone can apply to join a Feldenkrais Training program and organisers normally encourage a diverse group to form. Everyone from architects to zoologists and computer programmers to musicians as well as those with a prior interest in movement education, rehabilitation and performance enhancement. Some people use their Feldenkrais training to support and enhance an existing career such as physiotherapy or teaching. Some are seeking a new career direction. Others are simply following their passion.

How do I become a Feldenkrais Practitioner?

To become a Feldenkrais Practitioner you need to complete an accredited training program. These normally take 3 or 4 years to complete. You will be required to participate in several face-to-face components each year with home-based practice and learning in between. After you have completed around half the program you would be eligible to begin teaching Awareness Through Movement® classes whilst you complete the rest of the Training. On successful completion you are eligible for Certification as a Feldenkrais practitioner and able to offer Functional Integration (hands-on) lessons as well. See below for a list of current programs in Australasia.

How do I know if the Training meets the required standard?

The Australian Feldenkrais Guild has a standing committee called the Australasian Training and Accreditation Board which is charged with reviewing and accrediting all professional training programs in the Asia-Pacific region. Standards for training are agreed internationally and are recognised throughout the world. For further information about accrediting training programs in Australasia, please contact Australasian Training and Accreditation Board.

Accredited Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs Australasia



Educational Directors: Prof Susan Hillier Ph.D and Zoran Kovich MSc 

Commenced February 2019 in Melbourne. 

Final Segment May 2022

This training has a 3 year format. Core modules in Melbourne each year then also in other cities according to demand. Applications to review are welcome.

Contact: Jenni Evans
Email to:


Educational Directors: Prof Susan Hillier Ph.D and Zoran Kovich MSc 

Commencement proposed for October 2021 in [Melb/Sydney/Brisbane]

Final Segment TBA (due to COVID travel restrictions)

Contact: Jenni Evans
Email to:

New Zealand

NZ6 FPTP Auckland

Educational Directors: Prof Susan Hillier Ph.D and Zoran Kovich MSc

Commencement proposed for January 2022 in Auckland

Final Segment TBA (due to COVID travel restrictions)

Contact: Beverley Barclay Pointon, BA

Email to:


Japan 6 FPTP - Completed

Japan 7 FPTP Kawasaki

Educational Director: Eilat Almagor, Ph.D

Commencing September 2020

Final Segment May 2024

Contact: Yoshikatsu Minato

Email to:

Kyoto 4 FPTP 

Co-Educational Directors: Stephen Rosenholtz Ph.D and Paul Newton MA

Commenced August 2019

Final Segment May 2023 

Contact: Rika Fujii

Email to: (PC) 

or (iPhone)


Tokyo 4 FPTP 

Educational Director: Stephanie Spink

Commenced 17 September 2018

Final Segment ends 10 May 2022

Contact: Yasuko Kasami

Email to:



Seoul 1 FPTP 

Educational Director: Ruty Bar MA  and Anat Krivine MA. 

Commenced October 2017

Final Segment ends 4 July 2021 

Contact: So Jung Park

Email to:

Seoul 2 FPTP 

Educational Director: Ruty Bar MA and Anat Krivine MA. 

Commenced April 2021

Final Segment May 2025 

Contact: So Jung Park

Email to:


Taipei 2 FPTP - Taiwan

Educational Director: Paul Rubin 

Commenced October 2020

Final Segment April 2024

Contact: Yiru Chen

Email to: 



China 3 FPTP - Shanghai city

Educational Director: Diana Razumny    
Commenced June 2020

Final Segment May 2024

Contact: Jiangjiang Guo

Email to:

China 4 FPTP - Shanghai city/Guangzhou city

Educational Director: Anna Maria Caponecchi    
Commenced July 2020

Final Segment October 2024

Contact: Jiangjiang Guo

Email to:


Shanghai 1 FPTP

Educational Director: Paul Newton MPsych.

Commenced December 2019

FInal Segment October 2023

Contact: Richard Brown

Email to:

North and South America

and Canada

Europe and Israel