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Accredited Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs Australasia



Educational Directors: Prof Susan Hillier Ph.D and Zoran Kovich MSc 

Commenced October 2021

Offered in a bi-monthly weekend format, with 2 longer (5 or 6 day) segments each year and some online activity, over 3 years. Participate in local hubs in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or Northern NSW. Reviewers welcome.

Final Segment December 2024

Contact: Jenni Evans
Email to:

New Zealand

NZ6 FPTP Auckland

Educational Directors: Zoran Kovich MSc

Commenced January 2023 in Auckland

Final Segment 2026

Contact: Beverley Barclay Pointon, BA

Email to:


Japan 7 FPTP Kawasaki

Educational Director: Eliat Almagor, Ph.D

Commencing September 2020

Final Segment May 2024

Contact: Yoshikatsu Minato

Email to:

Tokyo 4 FPTP 

Educational Director: Stephanie Spink

Commenced 17 September 2018

Final Segment April 2023

Contact: Yasuko Kasami

Email to:



Seoul 2 FPTP 

Educational Director: Ruty Bar MA and Anat Krivine MA. 

Commenced April 2021

Final Segment May 2025 

Contact: So Jung Park

Email to:


Taipei 2 FPTP - Taiwan

Educational Director: Richard Corbeil

Commenced October 2020

Final Segment April 2024

Contact: Yiru Chen

Email to: 

Website: Traditional Chinese:


China 3 FPTP - Shanghai city

Educational Director: Diana Razumny    
Commenced June 2020

Final Segment May 2024

Contact: Jiangjiang Guo

Email to:

China 4 FPTP - Shanghai city/Guangzhou city

Educational Director: Anna Maria Caponecchi    
Commenced July 2020

Final Segment October 2024

Contact: Jiangjiang Guo

Email to:

China 5 FPTP – Shanghai city

Educational Directors: Paul Rubin and Julie Casson Rubin   

Commenced November 2022

Final Segment March 2026

Contact: Jiangjiang Guo

Email to:

China 6 FPTP – Guangzhou city

Educational Director: Richard Corbeil   

Commencing October 2023

Final Segment May 2027

Contact: Jiangjiang Guo

Email to:


Shanghai 1 FPTP

Educational Director: Paul Newton MPsych.

Commenced December 2019

FInal Segment October 2023

Contact: Richard Brown

Email to:

North and South America

and Canada

Europe and Israel

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