How to Create & Manage your Profile

Updated: Feb 8

Make sure you are logged in:

Click on your name written in blue, it is under the Public Resources menu item. In the small dropdown that appears click 'Profile'.

To access the 'Member Area' click on the link beneath 'Profile' in the same dropdown menu.

The 'Member Area' can also be accessed by a menu item in the Profile horizontal menu pictured below:

To assign your profile picture place an image in the circle within the blue banner, click on the circle, then browse and choose your preferred photo:

To edit your name in the blue banner, navigate to the 3 vertical dots on the right of the blue banner. Click on these to reveal 'Edit Profile' and make your changes, then click save. Any changes you make to your name will carry over to the publicly visible profile name once you have made your profile public (explained below).


Managing your Profile</