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How to use the Resources area

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

The Resources section of the site provides AFG Members access to AFG documents, Constitution, Policies and Procedures, AGM records, etc.

You are free to download resources. You cannot delete resources.

Caveat: You must make your Profile Public to be able to access the Resources area. If you are a Non-Practicing AFG Member (ie. a private member) and you would like to remain so then please read this how to for how to do so.

This section of the site looks a little different to the rest of the site in that it follows the filing conventions of a typical folder based hierarchy, much like on a personal computer.

The method of use is simple. Read through the main folder headings, select one and click on it to enter it and see the contents. Sometimes there will be further folders within a folder providing ever more specificity in the content area.

When you know what you're looking for but don't know where to find it you may use the search function.

Ensure you are logged in. Enter the 'Member Area':

Click the Resources button to enter the Resources area:

The Resources main folders (these may change or be updated):

To initiate a 'Search' click on the magnifying glass in the header:

A 'Search' text field opens into which you can type:

In this instance, a search for 'Feldenkrais logo' has been initiated. The result of the search appears below it.

To the left of the 'Search' text field the text tells you how many items the search has revealed. The black arrow shown here can be clicked to go 'Back' to the previous page.

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