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We gratefully acknowledge the use of photographs, with permission, from various rights holders, including the International Feldenkrais Federation.

All images remain copyright of their respective owners, and cannot be used without permission.

We acknowledge Brendan Esposito/Fairfax Syndication for the image of Robyn Nevin, which we use under license.

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Phillip Chambers 
The AFG would like to acknowledge the bequest of Phillip Chambers without which the construction of this website would not be possible.
Phillip was a graduate of the first Sydney training in 1990. It was Phillips's wish that the Feldenkrais Method develop and flourish. He generously made provision in his estate to gift the AFG a large sum of money for marketing and furthering the method.
It is our hope that this site will do justice to his intentions and the whole AFG membership extends gratitude to his memory and to that of his family.

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