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You may be eligible for a rebate on your Feldenkrais lessons in one or more ways.

  • From private health insurers

  • From compensation bodies such as Workcover

  • From the National Disability Insurance Scheme


Private Health Insurers

Private health insurers respond to consumer demand when deciding which modalities to include in their policies. You need to check with your insurer to confirm whether your policy will cover Feldenkrais. At the time of writing, these insurers will cover Feldenkrais lessons under some policies.

  • Australian Health Management (AHM)

  • BUPA (formerly HBA, MBF, MBF Alliances, Mutual Community )

  • CBHS Health Fund Ltd

  • Grand United Corporate Health 

  • HBF

  • Health Care Insurance Ltd

  • Health Partners

  • Medibank Private

  • Teachers Health Fund


If your insurer is not on the list, write to them to let them know you'd like it included on your policy. That way they will know that there is consumer demand.

To be eligible for rebates, your practitioner must be a Member of the Australian Feldenkrais Guild and also a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. Ask your practitioner whether they are eligible.



Workcover can sometimes cover Feldenkrais lessons. Check with your local workcover body for more details.


NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

The NDIS can sometimes cover Feldenkrais lessons. More information will be available here shortly. Meanwhile refer to the NDIS website for more information.