Online Summit 2021

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Welcome to the Australian Feldenkrais Guild
Online Summit!

Bringing you interviews with our experienced community of Feldenkrais practitioners from around the country.

The Summit is now complete. However you can still access all of the video content below.

This year we brought you ONE WHOLE DAY of online Awareness Through Movement lessons on Sunday, 29 August! 


Recordings of all the sessions are available now. 

8 discussions to get you curious about possibilities and your potential, with:

What do I wear?

  • Speedo's are the traditional garb of the event, but are not necessary
  • Festive holiday gear is strongly encouraged
  • Sneakers
  • Santa hat, beard, and other holiday flair at your discretion

How does the virtual part work?

There will be small group sites (3 or fewer) throughout the area.

What is the cost and fundraising goals?

SSR is free to run! Goals will be set by individuals. We encourage everyone to try to go a s big as possible!

Anything else I need to know?

All other details are on sign up registration page! However, if you have questions, please email