The Australian Feldenkrais Guild Inc owns the following trade mark registrations in Australia:

Only authorised licensees are entitled and permitted to use the above list of trade marks in relation to the provision of Educational services; physical education and physical therapy services in the nature of physical educationí in Australia. Such licensees include a graduated practitioner, a trainee qualified to teach ATM whilst enrolled in a FPTP, and a Member or Student Associate registrant of the AFG.

Graduates of non-TAB accredited training programs and other third parties are not permitted to use the trade marks of the AFG Inc in relation to those services.

Graduates of Mia Segal and Yochanan Rywerant training programs prior to 31 December 2003 may apply for membership and/or certification through compliance with the AusTAB Cross Over Policy.

The AFG Inc monitors unauthorised use of the above trade marks by third parties.