Online Summit 2021

Awareness Through Movement Day

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Here we provide 18 lessons from 18 different teachers from our Australian community. These lessons were taught over the course of the day, every 1/2 hour on the 1/2 hour on the final day of our 2021 Summit. These are mini or taster lessons woven around the Summit theme: 'Working with the whole person'. A note on Self Care and Liability A reminder: It is your responsibility to manage your own self-care. Move slowly, gently and only in an easy, comfortable range. Rest as often as you need. Do not push through discomfort and pain. This is especially important due to the recorded format wherein the teacher cannot offer advice as they would in a live context. Thus you are undertaking these lessons at your own risk. Go easy. A unique gift: The ATM Day presenters each offered a unique gift to coincide with their teaching. These can still be accessed. Simply click on their name to be taken to their Practice Page to find out more. Recordings of all the sessions are freely available to stream from this page. The timetable for the day as it was is below. ATM DAY Timetable 9.00 am - Shona Lee - Within reach 9.30 am - Simon Slieker - Soft ground, soft feet 10.00 am - Holly Huon - Folding and Unfolding 10.30 am - Anna Condos - Hugging yourself 11.00 am - Rhonda Ohlson - Singing with your whole self 11.30 am - Georgi Laney - Breathe power into your voice 12.00 pm - Tamara Diner - You whole self led by the eyes 12.30 pm - Linda Pontecorvo - Moving from the inside out 1.00 pm - Julieta Mateo Vitale - Your pelvis, your power 1.30 pm - Chris Allan - Reach your way to free your shoulders 2.00 pm - Margaret Kaye - Walking backwards and forwards with ease 2.30 pm - Nicole Harstead - Learn how your pelvis helps your hips 3.00 pm - Silvia Finzi - Liberate your mouth and jaw 3.30 pm - Ruth Frommer - Building strength 4.00 pm - Carol Clayton-Vincent - Go backwards to find rhythm and flow 4.30 pm - Ralph Hadden - Motion in stillness 5.00 pm - Anna Fisher - Ease neck and shoulder tension 5.30 pm - David Hall - Conducting with the hands & feet