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4905 Great Ocean Rd, Lavers Hill VIC 3238, Australia


Simon Slieker

Simon Slieker Somatic Education

Services Available in the practice:

Awareness Through Movement & Functional Integration

About this Practice:

My Services:

Eco-somatica nature immersion workshops

As a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner much of my work is defined by incredible depth of The Feldenkrais Method, a unique system of mind-body education and learning.

Eco-Somatica is a workshop series that incorporates key tenets of the Feldenkrais Method and expands them into a process involving sound, rhythm and movement and nature immersion to raise awareness of self as part of an ecological ‘whole’. It is a regenerative moment for hearts, minds & bodies dealing with climate crisis overwhelm.

Functional Integration® one on one table work

Functional Integration® covers moving efficiently and getting the most out of ourselves. I go about it now with a view to a compassionate exploration of the human response to wider ecological issues. How does stress and hard to access emotional undercurrents affect our bodies and movement patterns? How can I support another to find the softness in muscles and movements to enable a sense of safety and trust in oneself?

Awareness Through Movement® classes

ATM addresses core Feldenkrais concepts and zero in on connection to ground. We may say that how we embody that connection is a measure of how ‘grounded’ we truly are.

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