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Practice Address:

Dunford Rd W, Grahams Creek QLD 4650, Australia


Anna Condos


Services Available in the practice:

Awareness Through Movement & Functional Integration

About this Practice:

I practice Feldenkrais to help people in creative and/or contemplative worlds as well as people experiencing pain/illness who are interested in sensing, movement and building a rich attentional capacity.

This helps those in pain or ill develop skills for pleasurable movement and feeling whole. Those who are creative will learn how to play with their curiosity to refine and reinvigorate their craft and meditators will find ease and a settling of the noise in their systems so that attention can be directed to their contemplative object more effortlessly.

Feldenkrais can be a preparatory/adjunct practice for contemplation. It is also a mindfulness practice in and of itself, providing multiple embodied perspectives to being contemplative.

*No prior experience is needed and modifications can be made to support injury, pain and individual energy levels.

It does help to have a curious mind because this approach involves reflection and engagement to learn and cultivate novel habits.

My practice is located online which is useful if you're not living in this area and in person from Maryborough on the Fraser Coast.

My particular interest is working with musicians and contemplatives.

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