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Joynsons Rd, Torbanlea QLD 4662, Australia


Anna Condos


Services Available in the practice:

Awareness Through Movement & Functional Integration

About this Practice:

I work with anyone who is interested in sensing, movement and attentional skills for whatever reason. It helps to have a curious mind because this practice involves reflection and engagement in the pursuit of learning about and transforming habits.

My special interests are those moving through pain experiences, string musicians and contemplatives (given my background in these areas). Sometimes one person inhabits all these worlds.

My next 6 week online group series will run from 17 October - 21 November 2021 at 4pm AEST (Brisbane).

The series is titled "Moving Yourself Through Your Centre." This isn't core strength training but will explore moving from your torso in multiple gentle configurations and positions to approach the end of the year from a place of strength and suppleness.

No prior experience is needed and modifications can be made to support injury, pain and individual energy levels.

For details and to book please head to my website. For bookings submit the booking request form at the bottom of the website page.

If you have attended the AFG Online Summit 2021 book and bring a friend along for free.