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How to Add, Modify or Delete a Practice

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

If you want to be found as a Feldenkrais Practitioner who offers services at a particular location then it is vital that you create a 'Practice'.

It is by conducting a 'search' for a 'Practice' that visitors to the AFG site can refine their search by location and see existing practices on a Google Map.

This is distinct from the 'Find a Practitioner' search functionality which hones the search by name only; not by location. Once again, to appear in a location search you need to 'Add a Practice'.

A 'Practice' is considered a physical location where you give FI lessons. You can do ATM's at the same location but we have the policy of one practice entry for each physical location where you give FI. Ongoing group ATM lessons can be entered in 'Add/Modify Class' area.

To add your practice for the first time, first make sure you are logged in:

Go to 'Member Area' found beneath your username once your are logged in:

Click the blue 'Add/Modify Practice' button:

Select 'Add new practice' from the dropdown menu on the right:

When you select 'Add a new practice', your name and email are auto populated in:

Enter your Practice name. Enter your 'Practice Type' where you can select from the options of:

You are not required to enter a physical address in the 'Add your address' field, as in the case of a Practitioner who only offers a 'Mobile' or 'Online' service. However it is worth noting that the address entry is what communicates with the Map Feature when a search is conducted. No address will result in no map listing.

Choose the services you provide at this location from the drop down:

Enter a website address if you have one and would like to reference a site external to the AFG site.


NEW FEATURE: Areas of Interest

As a community we have been running into the following problem: a member of general public wants to engage with a Feldenkrais Practitioner with a particular area of specialisation. In this situation a phone call will come in to the AFG Secretariat (Leith) who will then refer the enquiry on to the applicable State committee representative.

National Council recently met about this process and determined that it was less than timely, less than equitable, less than thorough and less than ideal.

So we have democratised the process and created an immediate resolution. Now all practitioners can nominate areas of 'Special Interest' which are defined on the 'Add / Modify Practice' page and searchable at the visitor end on the 'Find a Practitioner' page as seen in the image below:

nb. A website visitor can define an area of special interest they are looking for by clicking on single or multiple categories.

Please note:

There is a strong argument to be made that the Feldenkrais Method addresses all areas of special interest so why not tick every box? If that is you, we have a box for that called 'All categories'. Perhaps all of us will tick that box, perhaps not. The point is that if you have a particular area of interest/specialisation you can now nominate it and be immediately sought out and found by someone with this interest/need.


Add new Practice continued...

Create a description of your practice in the field provided.

Upload a cover image if you want to.

Click the blue 'Create New' button.

NOTE: there is no indicator to show the progress of the upload or update of the Practice. There is however a popup SUCCESS notification.

The screen will refresh. Don't panic, you haven't lost your work. Your new Practice will now appear in the dropdown menu at the top of the page. 'Select an existing practice' where you can indeed select it and make any further edits or simply admire your work.



Ensure you are logged in to your User Account then navigate to 'Member Area' as described above.

Click the 'Add/Modify Practice' button:

From the drop down, select the applicable practice:

Edit the fields you want to change:

Click the blue 'Update existing' button to finalise the process:



Log in and navigate to 'Member Area' as described above.

Click the 'Add/Modify Practice' button also described above.

From the dropdown, select the applicable practice:

Tick the small square 'I approve the deletion of this practice':

The blue 'Delete' button will then become live. Click the blue 'Delete' button:

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