How to Add, Modify or Delete a Practice

Updated: Jun 4

If you want to be found as a Feldenkrais Practitioner who offers services at a particular location then it is vital that you create a 'Practice'.

It is by conducting a 'search' for a 'Practice' that visitors to the AFG site can refine their search by location and see existing practices on a Google Map.

This is distinct from the 'Find a Practitioner' search functionality which hones the search by name only; not by location. Once again, to appear in a location search you need to 'Add a Practice'.

A 'Practice' is considered a physical location where you give FI lessons. You can do ATM's at the same location but we have the policy of one practice entry for each physical location where you give FI. Ongoing group ATM lessons can be entered in 'Add/Modify Class' area.

To add your practice for the first time, first make sure you are logged in:

Go to 'Member Area' found beneath your username once your are logged in:

Click the blue 'Add/Modify Practice' button:

Select 'Add new practice' from the dropdown menu on the right:

When you select 'Add a new practice', your name and email are auto populated in: