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‘I have always enjoyed re-arranging spaces – working with the elements that are already present and making little adjustments that improve the overall ambiance and functionality of the environment. This is exactly what I get to do on a daily basis with people! Facilitating little shifts in physicality that make a big difference to how you move, feel and function. I enjoy the variety of who I get to work with, from professional dancers to those with neurological conditions and everything in between, the common denominator is we all live in our body and need to take care of it.’

I have been working with people in a hands-on capacity (as a massage therapist) since 2010 and now bring my Functional Integration skills of percieving the interconnectedness of your system to how I work in all my treatments, no matter the modality. It's the self-care skills I acquired through Feldenkrais which I credit to my longevity in a very physical occupation. How you do what you do makes all the difference in whether an action is supported or producing strain.

I am inspired by the human body's capacity for responding, adapting and changing. Enabling people to experience themselves in a whole new way - feeling lighter and freer than they imagined was possible, is thoroughly rewarding. I love the sense of discovery when you realise something about a particular movement, figuring out the simple tweak that makes everything far easier by understanding how it is connected.

** Come experience some Feldenkrais classes with me - your first 3 classes for $50 with my introductory offer **

Shona Lee

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