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Lynda enjoys movement and enjoys assisting people of all ages to enjoy movement too. Whether it be reducing/eliminating pain or improving efficiency, function and strength.

Lynda first became really interested in movement when she became a mother, observing her own children and others as they grew and developed their movement. With over 15 years of observing and work experience of working with preschool children in a learning by exploration Kindergym program Lynda has had first hand insight to how much is involved in movement. Observing how we learn to move and we move to learn and how important it is to continue this throughout life.

Lynda further developed her interest of movement and learning through her training in Pilates and Fitness and most recently Feldenkrais. Through this varied experience Lynda has had the opportunity to work with people of all ages and of many different abilities and thoroughly enjoys assisting people to be able to help themselves to make movement more enjoyable. Lynda's motto is Move better Live better.

Lynda Johnston

Lynda Johnston

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