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My name is Joanna, and if I was to have a trading name, it would be Coming Home. Which has many layers of meaning.

I describe the Feldenkrais Method as increasing the kindness in the world, one person at a time, starting with you. I mainly work with my own age group, defiantly active and vital and involved women. Men also come to my classes and workshops. My work is based and clearly about nervous system function. Movement done in accordance with our inbuilt patterns is effortless, as Moshe Feldenkrais says.

I continue, after all these years, to be amazed at the power of the work in relieving pain, restoring suppleness, improving balance and well-being and encouraging the curiosity in our lives.

Workshops are my favourite teaching space. The workshops I present include "better pelvic floor function", more than 20 at this stage, breathing, knee function and neck tension .

My style is personal and hands-on. Respectfully of course. Expect to laugh as well as learn. :-)

Joanna de Burgh
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