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I am a newly graduated Feldenkrais Practitioner (July 2022 - SEAUS 3). In my previous life (and still now) I was an opera singer and pianist and spent 22 years teaching at the University of Newcastle Conservatorium where I was Senior Lecturer in Voice. My work with voice students led me down a path of investigation into the way we use ourselves when we sing and ultimately to undertake a PhD into the area of vocal pedagogy. My previous interests have led nicely into Feldenkrais studies. I've been undertaking Awareness Through Movement classes for around 10 years and see and feel what it has done for me as a person and as a performing artist. I thoroughly enjoyed the training (Covid ravaged as it was!) and look forward to what this continuing journey brings. I'm enjoying sharing the insights from the Method with my voice students and they appear to be both benefitting and enjoying their experience of working with me. I teach ATM classes and now work with people individually through with my wife (and Feldenkrais Practitioner) Georgi Laney.

Christopher Allan

Christopher Allan

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