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Anna has a Bachelor of Physical Education and is a fully certified Feldenkrais practitioner and Qigong teacher. She is passionate about supporting people in an empowering way to be more healthy and comfortable in their body via movement, and teaching people self-care skills and tools.

She came across the Feldenkrais Method after injuring her back in 2010 and was amazed by the positive benefits after just one treatment and was hence motivated to train in the method. Anna teaches regular Awareness Through Movement and qigong classes in the upper Blue Mountains and also for the Cancer Wellness Support Service. She offers one to one sessions in Wentworth Falls. She teaches monthly integrative workshops using the Feldenkrais and her other modalities.

She has a diploma in Reflexology, a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology and has facilitated stress management courses and workshops for the Area Health Service, ACE and NSW School of Natural Medicine. She has practised and studied mindfulness meditation since 1996. She previously worked as a support coordinator for the Motor Neuron Association NSW and has over 16 years experience working with people with disabilities for ADHD and NGO's.


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