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For Preventing and Recovering from Injury

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As long as we are alive, we are vulnerable to injury.

We can't get around the facts of life, but we can prevent many injuries and recover faster from others by moving better.

By moving efficiently, you are less likely to get injured because you can take the strain off overworked muscles and joints before they get hurt.

When you are moving easily, you feel more balanced and adaptable to the world around you.

And if you do get injured, the small and gentle movements of the Feldenkrais Method are a great way to recover movement in a way that feels safe.

Your Feldenkrais Practitioner will help you to find easier, freer movements that give you confidence that you won't hurt yourself. After injury, he or she can help you overcome the stiff, sore and rigid movement habits that often develop as a response to the original injury.

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