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+61 411 984 428


Practice Address:

3 Waverley St, Bondi Junction NSW 2022, Australia


Rochelle Franks

Feldenkrais and Physio

Services Available in the practice:

Functional Integration

About this Practice:

Welcome to this practice to explore and learn through the masterful Feldenkrais Method . With a sense of curiosity and openness to learning we shall explore aligning thought ,action, feeling and sensing .
Sometimes challenges in life drive us to seek new skills and insights. In my experience the Feldenkrais Method has proven to be an abundant source of inspiration. I hope to provide you with a safe and respectful place to awaken to the joys of learning through human movement and awareness . Practice hours are. Tuesday to Saturday's inclusive .looking forward to sharing my skills with you and /or referring you to my colleagues as and when necessary .

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