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For People in Pain

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You used to be active and able-bodied. 

Then something happened: an injury, a stress, an accident, perhaps even a pregnancy. Pain became a regular part of your experience. 

You assumed the pain would go away. At first, you kept going as best you could and gave your body some time to heal.

But it didn't go away.

You tried various treatments. You had scans. You took medications. You bought a new bed, a new chair, a new mouse. 

And you were still in pain. 

The longer the pain went on, the more you noticed the subtle but profound ways your life was changing.

You became tentative about physical activity, so you lost fitness and flexibility. You found it difficult to keep up with friends and to have fun the way you used to. And you became physically guarded with your partner, your family and your friends. 

As if the pain itself were not bad enough, your relationships, your career, and your pleasure in life are suffering. Now you can't work or play the way you want to.

Some people might think that it's 'all in your head', that you have an attitude problem, and that you lack the motivation to get better. 

In fact, that's not true. If someone could show you how to move in ways that felt safe and enjoyable, you'd much rather live the way you want. 

That's where Feldenkrais can help. 

Science shows that pain is a result of complex activity in the nervous system, especially the brain. In a nutshell, when receptors in the pain system are repeatedly activated, they become more sensitive, triggering pain more easily and causing pain to spread to more places in the body.

A Feldenkrais Practitioner can help reverse that downward spiral by​:

  • Giving you an experience of safety and comfort in movement so you can relax and enjoy your body more easily

  • Teaching you new ways to move that won't hurt so much, and

  • Improving your body awareness so you have better control over your experience 

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