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If you live in the modern world, chances are you spend a lot of time 'stuck in your head', and don't experience much variety in movement. 

Every day you sit in the same chairs, walk on the same flat surfaces, and work at the same computers. You use the same finger on the same mobile phone to do 100,000 different tasks.

That's not how your nervous system is built to survive, let alone flourish.

Without variety of movement and mindful attention, you can become numb, stressed, and disconnected from your emotional life and from the people around you.

Whether you spend your life practicing yoga in an ashram or crunching spreadsheets in an office, Feldenkrais can help you deepen your connection with your body.​

With better movement, you will feel centred, grounded and present, even in emotionally demanding situations.

With better sensation, you will have better access to your body's intuition and wisdom. 

With Feldenkrais, you will develop a mindfulness practice that is completely integrated with your life rather than separate from it.

Feldenkrais is widely used to complement other wellbeing practices such as:

  • Tai Chi

  • Yoga

  • Aikido and other martial arts

  • Sitting meditation practices 

  • Moving meditation practices

  • Dance and other embodiment practices

  • Somatic psychotherapy

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