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Australasian Training and Accreditation Board 

The aims of AusTAB are to maintain and develop the training standards of the Feldenkrais Method® and promote international recognition of these standards. It does this by accrediting both professional Feldenkrais Method® teacher training programmes, and educational personnel: trainers and assistant trainers.

AusTAB is responsible for standards throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific Basin. However, we work in close collaboration with the other international TABs, national guilds or professional bodies, and the International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF).


AusTAB accredited professional Feldenkrais Method trainings and educational staff are accredited to a shared global standard. AusTAB is a standing committee of the Australian Feldenkrais Guild Inc (AFG). To visit the AusTAB website go to: feldenkrais-austab.orgTo contact AusTAB write to

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