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Feldenkrais Method - Thinking Big Picture

Breath & Voice | With Brad Thompson & Georgi Laney

Georgi Laney & Brad Thompson, Feldenkrais Practitioners, discuss the intimately connected system of body, breath and voice in this engaging, informative and experiential interview. Join them as they discuss the inter-dependent relationship between postural habits, breathing and voice and its impact on everyday functioning. The interviewers also lead listeners through some snippets of Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons, providing opportunities for personal embodied experience. May this interview provoke your curiosity and a desire for further exploration and learning.

Learning & Neurological Conditions | With Suzan Hillier & Jane Searle

Learning happens through the medium of a body that is constantly adjusting to feedback loops. Refining the quality/accuracy of the feedback is what we focus on in Feldenkrais. This is especially relevant when someone has had a stroke, however often getting up and down off the floor can represent a barrier to attending ATM classes. But there are many ways to overcome this hurdle and this interview with Susan Hiller and Jane Searle will inspire you. They describe how participants in a randomised, controlled pilot study, exploring the effectiveness of ATM, find their independence in getting up and down off the floor through successive approximations; how providing a sense of support and safety, is what lets them try.

Embodied Resilience | With Annemarie D, Lynda J, Jenny D & Molly T

When life pulls the rug from under our feet how do we respond? Do we tense up or hold our breath? Do we collapse in a heap or get wildly busy? Can we see and hear what is around us? Can we sense the ground beneath us?

The Feldenkrais Method helps us connect with our quiet, confident and playful selves.

Learning to become more connected with our body and breath; with gravity and ground; and with our environments through our senses is a marvelous gift that awakens new experiences for living a easy, pleasurable and choice filled life.

Join Annemarie, Jenny, Lynda and Molly as we discuss how the Feldenkrais Method can support us in finding an embodied resiliency.

Pelvic Health & Sexual Wellbeing | With Ralph Hadden

Sexual healing and wellbeing can be one of the many benefits of experiencing the Feldenkrais Method®. And the gentle movements and awareness of Feldenkrais lessons are being used by practitioners around the world to assist in recovery from sexual abuse, trauma and dysfunction. Their work also addresses damage to pelvic and pelvic floor functions from pregnancy, birth, surgery, illness, injury and aging. The lessons can involve the pelvis and pelvic floor but are also about improving movements and awareness of all parts of the body, all aspects of oneself. Ralph Hadden CFP in his Feldenkrais teaching over the past decade has taken a particular interest in lessons for the pelvis and pelvic floor (and related areas and actions). In the interview he discusses how these movements can enhance sexual wellbeing as well as contributing to overall wellbeing. Moshe Feldenkrais himself, in his earlier writings, considered a healthy sexual ity as being an essential part of being an effective, healthy individual- a potent human being. However, as he developed his work, and we, his successors have continued on with his work, sexual wellbeing has been downplayed. Why is this so? It is a welcome development that this is changing. Sexuality is re-emerging as an important function that can be enhanced by Feldenkrais, along with all the other aspects of healthy living.

Pain | With Sophie Fraser &Tali Plotnik

Sophie Fraser and Tali Plotnik are two experienced clinicians in the field of chronic pain. With a background in physiotherapy as well as Feldenkrais, they discuss what drives the complex neurological and physiological pattern of pain and how it often results in associated postural adaptations in how people move. They examine what’s unique about what the Feldenkrais Method offers, how setting up a sense of safety and support is paramount and that being able to discern differences in sensations other than pain is the foundational skill-set for change.

More Than Movement | With Zoran Kovich & Anna Yeatman

In this interview Anna Yeatman PhD and Zoran Kovich MSc introduce you to the fundaments of Feldenkrais praxis. Find out why Moshe Feldenkrais unceasingly advised people that the physical benefits they experience in lessons, whilst useful and pleasant, are just a prize, a present, for being and becoming more human.

Horse Riding | With Catherine Hamber

Whether or not you ride horses, we all ride the ups and downs of life. This discussion with Catherine Hamber, on what it means to maintain balance over a moving, conscious base, with it’s own preferences and biases, offers a fascinating insight into the dynamics of a two-way relationship. The main job of the rider is to allow the horse to do it’s thing and not get in it’s way! She explores how emotions / feelings have an associated posture, how the horse picks up on that and how riding is the art of recovering and accessing the state of ‘joyful invincible’ on cue.

Post Summit Embodiment | With Ralph Hadden & Catherine Hamber

Where to next? Appetite whet? Time to dive in.
Here we offer you two mini Awareness Through Movement lessons courtesy of Ralph Hadden and Catherine Hamber and a complete list of upcoming classes and workshops being offered by Feldenkrais Practitioners of Australia.