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0428 777 880


Practice Address:

Townsville QLD, Australia


Catherine James

Townsville & Magnetic Island Qld

Services Available in the practice:

Awareness Through Movement & Functional Integration

About this Practice:

In group Awareness Through Movement® classes, workshops or individual Functional Integration® sessions:

• Wake up to your habits of movement – when walking, running, dancing, sitting, rolling over, bending, reaching, jumping, computing, and so on – and your entrenched ways of thinking and of relating to your social and physical environment.
• Get to know those habits, intimately, without being in a hurry to discard them – you may even exaggerate them for awhile.
• Slowly, mindfully, expand your repertoire of movement patterns, revisiting early developmental explorations with a fresh, curious approach, a deep respect for whatever injuries, illnesses and anxieties you may be dealing with, and a taste for improvisation.
• Over the next few days and weeks, savour the effects that these novel explorations have on you (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc) and reflect on any changes to the problems, challenges or issues that drew you to seek out these sessions.

– Repeat as often as you like, for there is no end to improvement –

Send me an email to find out about my current and upcoming events and to be added to my circulation list:

...or send me an sms/ ring me: 0428 777 880

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