The Guild

About AFG Inc

Established in 1987, The Australian Feldenkrais Guild Inc (AFG) is a non-profit membership organisation established to promote and advance the Feldenkrais Method® in Australia, to verify and maintain training standards, and to represent its members in liaison with Feldenkrais Guilds throughout the world.

The AFG is concerned with:

  • increasing public awareness of the Feldenkrais Method®,
  • supporting the growth and development of the membership,
  • offering continuing education for its members,
  • protection of the integrity and quality of the Feldenkrais work through Code Of Professional Conduct and Standards of Practice,
  • and promoting research into the effectiveness of the Method.
  • Other professional services for the membership include access to appropriate insurance, policy and lobbying activity at all levels of the community, networking with affiliated agencies, and membership networking opportunities through the production of directories, journals, and newsletters.