A broad overview of Feldenkrais

A selection of videos giving an overview of the Feldenkrais Method


What is Awareness Through Movement?


What is Functional Integration?


Renowned neuroscientist Dr. Michael Merzenich on the Feldenkrais Method


Sit Better in 5 Minutes


A Feldenkrais Lesson for the Beginner Scientist (TEDx Jaffa)


The Feldenkrais Method with a child with Cerebral Palsy


A violinist describes his experience of Feldenkrais


Feldenkrais for Artists


What can Feldenkrais do for my child?


Margaret Kaye, Feldenkrais Practitioner, interview with Professor Milton Cohen


Margaret Kaye, Feldenkrais Practitioner, in conversation with actor, Robyn Nevin, Patron of the Australian Feldenkrais Guild


How Feldenkrais helps people