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Hello, great you found me!

Since discovering the Feldenkrais Method in a group class 10 years ago I continue to marvel at how this way of working and thinking can help people with a myriad of physical and emotional challenges. Without wanting to sound religious, I feel Feldenkrais was a "calling" for me, saving me from a slippery slope of ever diminishing physical and mental capacity, washed up and a shell of my former self by age 45! Pain, stiffness, and anxiety had almost overcome me. Almost,...then I chanced upon a class with an unpronouncable name I couldn't remember.

Fast forward 10 years and the "I can't" has been replaced with "I can".

I can help myself navigate out of physical pain.

I can help my family move better and feel better.

I can ever so slowly recalibrate emotional pain - sorry no quick fix on this one.

I can help you find ways to move and feel better and better. I say "While getting older is inevitable how you age is in your hands" (and maybe in my hands...)

I strongly suggest you book 3 appointments with me before deciding whether I am the right person to help you towards your goal. Feel free to call me for a chat about the individual sessions or Awareness Through Movement classes I conduct. 0416 101 854.

I have a website with lots of information about the Method, my classes, my pricing. Go to .

Vanessa Stephen

Vanessa Stephen

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