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When you visit Elegant Moves you’ll meet Sandy Mercer CFT (Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner). Sandy has over 25 years’ experience in engineering, lobbying and engineering education. This, coupled with a passion for travel, music, health and weight training, gives her a unique perspective and adds a particular flavour to her work with the Feldenkrais Method.

Warm, compassionate and curious, Sandy is keenly interested in helping others explore ways to make their lives a little simpler and more expansive. Having benefited greatly from the Feldenkrais Method in her own path, she is excited to share with others who are interested to improve their options when it comes to movement, thoughts and even emotional responses.

Sandy advocates taking a proactive and enthusiastic approach to life.

First exposed to the Feldenkrais Method through a back injury from a gym lifting accident, Sandy discovered that learning how to move differently was incredibly empowering. Continually developing knowledge and using that in life in general sparked her curiosity. She is often found playing with movement (read: rolling around) on random grassed areas in places like Myanmar or Morocco and seeing where they lead!

Most profoundly, quite apart from the benefits in general movement, she found the Method invaluable for its impact on the physical tolls of grief and chronic and acute stress. The ability to find lightness and ease amid the heaviness and constriction of stress and anxiety has been phenomenal - and a game changer in getting unstuck and moving forward.

It is this world of ever-expanding possibility that she is passionate about sharing with her Clients. She would love to help you explore your potential.

Life is better in the front row. Images by Left Eye Photographics

Sandy Mercer

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