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Gerald is based in beautiful Agnes Waters available for private consultations (Functional Integrations.

Gerald hosts an Online Awareness Through Movement Class (ATMs) every Thursday morning, phone him on 0410 582 361 for more details. He also still visits the Sunshine Coast monthly for sessions by arrangement.


Gentle Nurturing Heals the Body.

"Think about your body as being a vehicle to express your mind." Become aware of areas in your body that you've forgotten or no longer use. Learn about places in your body that you overuse. Discover how you compensate for this and how this restricting movement limits your self expression. Experience a more harmonious whole body function and feel more complete.

The Feldenkrais method is excellent for helping people become free of pain, regain balance, coordination & flexibility through lessons that explore movement, posture and breathing. They are able to retrain the brain by accessing the core of the central nervous system.

Feldenkrais is a very nuturing process. We dont realise how important nurturing is & how in our early childhood we develope habitual patterns that we can carry for the rest of our life. Patterns not only of movement but patterns of thinking, attitude, judgement etc. Because our emotional and physical selves work as one this gentle movement process can release the cellular memory of these habits.

For more information contact Gerald via phone on 0410 582 361.


Gerald Sullivan

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