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I come from a background of Dance and Physiotherapy. I am currently studying a Graduate Certificate -Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy at Melbourne University and look forward to offering workshops in the core cylinder and pelvic floor in 2022 for both men and women.

I have a practice in Prahran and see a variety of musculo-skeletal and movement disorders. I find that the Feldenkrais method is able to encompass the big picture of an injury, by that I mean the whole pattern. I am interested in assisting an individual to return to increased physical activity no matter where they are starting from.

I also have postgraduate studies in Rehabilitation for Women (Melbourne University) which encompasses movement and strengthening needs for women throughout their lifespan including the fertile years,menopause and age related changes. I also have postgraduate qualifications in Dry Needling (Melbourne University).

Leonie Hearn

Leonie Hearn

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