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Hello! My name is Kerrie Hart and I am gentle and caring, sometimes serious, sometimes playful, in my work. I am passionate about helping my clients to sense themselves with greater clarity and to make discoveries that can improve their adaptability.... in their posture, balance, emotions, and movement skills.

Most people come to me because they are experiencing tension and/or pain, and don't know much about the Feldenkrais Method, so it can be a welcome surprise to experience sensations like greater lightness, improved support, and calmness.

Over the last 29 years, since first graduating as a physiotherapist (1992), then a Feldenkrais practitioner (2001), I have worked in hospitals and private practice, in the U.K., Canada and Australia.

I have explored many different sport and outdoor activities, as well as weight training and Tai Chi, which have all added to my understanding of functional movement. Playing piano from the age of 5, and later clarinet, provided a foundation for the dexterity and sensitivity of my touch, which I have continued to refine through professional training and ongoing work.

I currently work in a quiet setting in Ewingsdale, which is just outside of Byron Bay, NSW, where my clients and I can hear the birds outside as we make discoveries together. I also offer on-line individual sessions, group classes and workshops.

When I'm not working I enjoy being with my family... dancing in the kitchen, tossing a frisbee, and beach walks with our affectionate and speedy kelpie.

Happy to share my learning, my caring approach and my trust in the capacity for change with you.

If you would like to get in touch please email me at or call +61 499 200 622

Thanks for your interest,


Kerrie Hart

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