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Do you remember how you learned new skills when you were little? In the beginning you were probably clumsy and made mistakes, but you kept practicing till you were satisfied. That's how it was for me as i learned to play a piano-clumsy at first-lacking finesse and differentiation (my fingers just wouldn't do what i wanted them to)! But with attention and practice, my hands become more skilful and i was able to manipulate the piano to make the sounds i wanted to. A short time later i took up drawing and then i began playing tennis.

Do you remember learning a ball sport? Monitoring where the ball landed after you hit it to gauge how to adjust and strike the next ball? Using your senses for feedback to learn a new skill or to refine and improve an existing skill – to learn to perform better? Did you continue to monitor the new way -- to adapt and integrate the cycle of improvement?

It is this ability to pay attention to subtle feedback and to respond, that makes the difference between perfect and “close enough”.

This is how the Feldenkrais Method works too. In order to work at our peak, we need a way to attend (closely) to feedback. That way we can adjust, improve, and learn! Me and My Feldenkrazy Ways (MFW) want this for you. To become the best possible version of yourself in a playful, non-competitive way!

As babies we were potent learning machines. We absorbed data like sponges and created enormous amounts of neuronal connections. We were efficient learners who were not expected to perform very much and our time and energy was invested in new things without the pressure of immediate results. So what happended? ... Generally, we don't lose this enormous and endless ability to grow, change and learn-but somehow we don't continue to prioritise it either. Many of us stop making use of this marvellous ability at an early age and continue on operating at a sub-optimal level; keeping ourselves busy while kinks develop in ourselves- much like the kinks in the MFW slinky logo (see below). We prioritise being busy at the expense of finding the time to create and use a learning space.

MFW is dedicated to helping you know what you are doing while you are doing it -- to creating an ongoing learning space. When this happens you have the option to change. MFW classes are characterised by playful experimentation, attentive observation, imitation, and practice since this type of learning contributes to the ongoing unfolding of our capacity to learn. When you slow down, you reduce effort, and you observe yourself in motion, your brain grabs the opportunity to learn, always hungry for new information, always curious. And armed with this new information you can change. You can let go of old patterns by finding new ones and you can create a new understanding of self. You then, are your own master in learning how to move better and think better and create better-just like a shiny and flexible new slinky! Find out more about My Feldenkrazy Ways:

Julie Jarman

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