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DonnaRose is a graduate of the Brisbane 1 Feldenkrais Professional Training Program, completing the mutil year training

in 1993. She is an Australian Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (CFP) and has maintained a private practice on the Gold Coast since 1995. DonnaRose brings to her Feldenkrais work a vast experience of training and working in various body-oriented and body-work disciplines. She has lived, worked and studied in Australia, USA, New Zealand and Europe.

DonnaRose is a 'traveler at heart'' (if currently restricted, like many) and thoroughly enjoys meeting people from all walks of life. In her Feldenkrais practice she loves working with babies & young children with special needs, adults, and anyone who seeks attainable and sustainable ways to move with more comfort and ease. Being a kinesthetic learner (i.e. learning through the experience of doing) the deep passion for the work of Dr Moshe Feldenkrais grew from a pursuit of a desire for a more clear, and sensory based experience in life. Although at the time of discovering The Feldenkrais Method, she had no idea about what a Somatic Experience such as this method would bring to these desires. Engaging in the processes and discoveries offered in the group classes known as "Awareness Through Movement" lessons transformed DonnaRose and how she felt, thought about,and sensed her body. More importantly it transformed how she engaged with her environment, the people , and the world around her. It became for her and still is Life Transforming.

Your initial appointment with DonnaRose will include a process whereby you get to help shape your future of learning (in the Feldenkrais Method) and discover what are the quality outcomes for you that you desire. Together you will discuss what your needs are and the reason you have sought out Feldenkrais. You will have time to explore and/or demonstrate the "can & can't do's" and the directions or movements you would like to be doing comfortably. The initial consultation will also include a 1:1 session so as you experience the gentle and profound results of Functional Integration (FI).

Regular Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes are held in a nearby centre.

You are invited to call / email / contact DonnaRose to discuss any further details about your Feldenkrais 1:1 appointment or group classes. - or visit her website.

DonnaRose McAneney
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