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I'm a Feldenkrais Practitioner & Assistant Trainer. I have also trained as an Alexander Teacher, Dancer & actor. It's a funny thing. I find myself more inspired by the work than I ever have been - even after 30 years of practice.

The main benefit of the work is it's ability to assist you to live a good life.

The main tool we use is paying attention to what is happening within your body in the moment. People are often surprised by what they find. We often limit ourselves and imagine our body (and world) to be less than it is. Paying attention to our body without trying to correct it or conform to some external ideal can often enable us to find a sense of being connected and at ease. This can have consequences that extend far beyond getting rid of an ache or pain.

My website has over 100 hours of Awareness Through Movement lessons and there are about half a dozen free ones if you'd like to sample the work. Having individual lessons can give relief from many problems but really the true value of this work is learning to be aware of the way you move and experience life through your body as a way of being. As such, Awareness Through Movement lessons are a valuable resource that enable you to develop more awareness and control of your body on your own.

I'm doing individual classes in my rooms at Avalon and my online group classes are attended by people from all over the world. I've been loving the online format as it enables me to show anatomical diagrams & video to illustrate what we're doing. I also send out an email each week that outlines the themes we're exploring. You can book in to the classes and join my mailing list via my website.

Call me if you'd like to ask any questions or just go to my website at

David Hall

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