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Welcome! I teach people to move with ease and freedom, physically, and within themselves, relieving pain and stress, so that they can live life to the full.

I offer Functional Integration® One-on-One Sessions tailored to your personal goals and needs. Listening to your experience that brings you to explore the Feldenkrais method, we will together develop strategies for the changes you want to enhance your movement and action. Call me to book an introductory consultation on 0427 787 754 Let's make a plan!

I offer weekly classes, in person in South Hobart, at Alceme in town and online via Zoom - teaching freedom and ease in everyday activity, using small gentle movements accessible to everyone. My own contemplative practices, such as Qi Gong, Yoga and meditation, colour the way I teach. Call me on 0427 787 754 to check details and book into a class. Audio recordings available to follow in your own time.

I came to the Feldenkrais method to resolve my back issues, from decades in a sedentary working lifestyle. Now I feel 10 years younger and fitter. Sharing this renewing and liberating practice inspired me to complete the training and offer it to others, who can benefit too. That's just about everyone; but especially those of us looking forward to an active, healthy and pain-free older age, ready for change, learning and growing in fulfilment.

I now enjoy to the full the delights that living in Tasmania makes possible, bushwalking, swimming and gardening, our wonderful cultural life, caring for the environment and cooking healthy food. I love growing food too!

Danielle Pacaud

Danielle Pacaud

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