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My name is Anita Doughty.

I completed my formal Feldenkrais Training in 1997 but have continued to learn about this extraordinary and sophisticated method ever since.

While I am interested many ideas about how to live a healthy and meaningful life, the Feldenkrais Method provides the foundation for understanding how we are and how we can be in all aspects of life. The learning offered by The Feldenkrais Method provides rich insight into movement, structure, adaptation, possibility and how we relate to our environment....someone should write a book about it :) I am also a Physiotherapist and have been listening to stories about bodies for almost 4 decades. At the moment, I am listening to the amazing stories of our elder citizens, with gratitude.

I offer Awareness Through Movement classes on the south coast of NSW (Batemans Bay/Moruya area). I love preparing and teaching these ATM lessons - it enriches me and the participants in the class (thank you, Moshe).

When I'm not working, I am doing this unique walk/run thing on our beautiful beaches and enjoying all sorts of exercise with loads of Feldenkrais awareness. I am also good at avoiding housework by drinking tea with friends.

If you would like more information about ATM classes I offer, please contact me on 0466 012 510


Anita Doughty

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