Online Summit Day 9 - Older People

Day 9 – Older People

Seeing older clients for the first time, I often hear a comment such as, “Oh I can’t do that anymore”. That’s when I know they need what the Feldenkrais Method can teach them, before this self-fulfilling comment begins to limit them. I see people as they age, whose worlds have become very small, narrow and focused and the FM can give them the tools to start expanding their world and then the sky is the limit.

What is so exciting for me about the FM is that we are continually exploring improving our movements to address and improve efficiency which has a flow on effect to also improving our ability to sense ourselves, think about ourselves and our potential and improve our mood, confidence and motivation. It encourages and supports change by fostering a safe way to explore change without judgement. It increases our hope that we can continue to improve and have alternatives if something fails. We begin to think more positively and feel motivated to improve.

This is definitely how I want to move forward as I grow older and the Feldenkrais Method, with its unique learning strategies and the many wonderful Awareness Through Movement lessons, will guide and support me. When I am tempted to say, “Oh I can’t do that anymore” I remember to say, “I can’t do that YET”; knowing that if I want to and intend to, I can head in that direction and have the tools the FM teaches me to help me get there.