Online Summit Day 5 - Anxiety

Day 5 – Anxiety

My interest in using the Feldenkrais Method to mediate stress and anxiety harks back to the very first weeks of my Feldenkrais training. As the tired mother of a 1 year old I noticed how after gently rolling my head, moving my eyes left and right and coming up to sit I felt more calm, grounded and mentally/emotionally resilient and I became intrigued… How could these subtle movements soothe my mind?

So I put my head, heart and body into Moshes teaching and began to pursue this fascination to understand more and to find ways to embolden Moshes Feldenkrais work on the topic. 

I have continued to delve into these ideas ever since and I use the method daily for my own embodiment and maturation, I apply the philosophy to my parenting, and I strive to synthesise the principals and practices in an engaging way to help my clients discover how to work with their body's intelligence to find lasting calm, confidence and spontaneity. 

This talk gives insight into how I think about anxiety and how I work with my clients to get them back to feeling calm and grounded again. At the end I discuss a good daily habit that you can apply to any situation and I talk through a small movement exploration you can try for yourself. 

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