Online Summit Day 4 - Power and Aikido

Day 4 – Power & Aikido

Having a history of scoliosis which resulted in major back surgery, prior to training in the Feldenkrais Method I would never have imagined that I could become a highly skilled Aikido practitioner and run an Aikido school. After a childhood of being told to sit and stand straight, Feldenkrais was an elixir that taught me to feel for my self how I was sitting, standing and moving. This gave me a wonderful sense of possibility and reignited my belief that I could be the master of my own destiny. The more Feldenkrais I did the more symmetrical, balanced, coordinated and confident I became. 

Having finished my Feldenkrais Training in 1991, I was primed to take on the challenge of Aikido as part of my personal development journey. I used Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons both to warm up my body and mind before training and as a panacea after a training session to iron out any aches and strains.