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Principal Practitioner - Feelitfun
73 Regents Park Road
Joondalup, WA, 6027
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  • Functional Integration & Awareness Through Movement

About Me

“Feel-it-FUN” Neuro Sensori-motor programme is a successful medication-free therapy for children with learning and coordination difficulties which can be applied to all ages, from infants through to young adults.

“Feel-it-FUN” addresses the foundations needed for learning and has been designed to develop children’s skills that may have been missed during early childhood years. These basic skills are essential for the child to operate successfully in all areas of their life.

“Feel-it-FUN” programmes help children develop better:
• body sense and control
• spatial (body position in space) awareness
• listening skills
• skills in following instructions
• problem solving.

Feel-it-FUN differs from other programmes in that it takes a multidimensional approach to learning. It focuses on what the child can do and expands on those areas. The unique lessons are designed to make the children think and hence develop their own problem solving skills. They are not just exercise classes or lessons to train children to do the tests.

"The changes to J since starting Feel it Fun are amazing. He is calmer and much more focussed. It changed our lives and was so much better that what I hoped for. Gail and Linda are amazing."
Kay H. - Parkerville

Feel-it-FUN programmes develop many areas of a child’s brain-processing functions leading to the creation of new neural (brain) pathways. This leads to more organised brain patterns, therefore reducing 'noise' in the brain, allowing for clearer thought and better quality rest.

Through simple but selective games individually designed for each child, we develop their thinking processes which improve their physical organisation and readiness to learn. The exercises incorporated in our games and activities have been extensively researched to make it easier for your child/children to function in this ever-challenging world.

The focus is on having fun while you learn. It is not merely goal orientated. Reducing anxiety and fear of failure opens the child’s mind to easier and quicker learning. The child is also more motivated to do the programme as the lessons are fun. The aim is to develop the child as a whole being. These changes can be seen in social, behavioral, organisational, sporting and academic fields.

"Gail was the first person who understood the issues my son was having! Not only did she understand but knew what to do and how to manage L. L enjoyed “Feel-it-fun”. He felt accepted and could be himself. I had never had the pleasure of working with someone so intuitive, insightful, sensitive and attuned to deep and different developmental patterns. It was so comforting for me as a parent to know someone understood what was happening. L has gone on to being a high achiever."
Jill W. - Perth

Children who will benefit from these classes include those:
• who would like to improve their coordination and physical organisation
• children with learning and concentration difficulties
• children with Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.)
• Autistic children in mainstream education
• babies/toddlers/children with delayed milestones such as sitting, crawling, speaking, chewing, poor sleep patterns
• children with particular behaviors that impacts negatively on their lives, such as being too timid, too boisterous, always rushing, or other behavioral extremes
• children who suffer from headaches connected with school-work
• children who wish to enhance sporting or musical performance
• children who spend a high percentage of their day using a computer. Any exaggerated posture constantly puts stress on a developing body!

The “Feel-it-FUN” programme is designed by Gail Dawe and Linda Hardey, who are qualified and Certified Feldenkrais Practitioners with over 20 years’ experience in working with children who have learning problems. Gail has brought her understanding of how children learn and knowledge of Applied Neuroscience to design a quality cost-effective programme for families to access the professional services their children need. / 0407 197 233


Skills: Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner; Experienced working with Babies & Children; Brain Injury Rehabilitation; Cert VI in Training & Assessing; Swimming Development & Surf Life Saver; Advanced First Aid


English Full professional proficiency