Anna Fisher

Step Towards Health in the Blue Mountains
Cancer Wellness Support Centre

Leura, NSW, 2780
Opening Times

These classes are for Cancer Wellness members only. Includes two face to face classes a month in Leura (Tuesdays) and Penrith (Thursdays) and two Zoom on-line classes a month. These are very gentle self care classes. They explore a variety of themes including: improve your breathing, free your neck and shoulders, care for your back, working with pain and self-image, better walking.

  • Awareness Through Movement
Wise Moves classes Leura Tuesday 12:15pm - 1:15pm
Wise Moves classes Penrith Thursday 12:30pm - 1:30pm
  • Awareness Through Movement
Awareness through movement Wednesday 11am - 12pm

About Me

Anna has a Bachelor of Physical Education and is an authorised Awareness Through Movement and Qigong teacher. She is passionate about supporting people in an empowering way to be more healthy and comfortable in their body via movement.

She has a diploma in Reflexology, a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology and has facilitated stress management courses and workshops for the Area Health Service, ACE and NSW School of Natural Medicine. She has practised and studied mindfulness meditation since 1996 . She came across the Feldenkrais Method after injuring her back in 2010 and was amazed by the positive benefits after just one treatment and was hence motivated to train in the method.


Step Towards Health in the Blue Mountains - IMPROVE HOW YOU MOVE: The Feldenkrais Method is a powerful modality used to improve posture, balance and coordination, allowing you to move with more ease and comfort. Rather than focusing only on a specific painful body part, it approaches the body holistically, breaking down postural patterns that lead to strain, pain and injury. Classes involve a series of gentle guided movements in mostly lying and sometimes in sitting or standing positions.