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Like a Wave - Danielle Pacaud - Feldenkrais Studio - South Hobart
 Danielle Pacaud
Danielle Pacaud
Like a Wave - Felden Studio - South Hobart and Zoom
South Hobart, TAS, 7004
Opening Times

Wednesday and Thursday - Classes 1-2pm and 5-6pm each Wednesday and Thursday
Individual one-on one sessions by arrangement also available.

Feet First - Feldenkrais Fundamentals These are small classes with individual attention. We will use gentle movements lying on a mat or sitting in a chair to explore the the many patterns of moments involving your feet and walking for well-being. I teach with a contemplative approach including plenty of rests. This allows the new movement habits to be assimilated. Each lesson will give you something to take home and practice. There is benefit in attending one class, but a cumulative effect will give you greater benefit from taking a series. I recommend taking 5 lessons to begin with. Bring a mat if you have one and a towel to fold under your head. Wear warm loose comfortable clothes.

The method works with the brain and central nervous system, uncovering habits we develop that do not serve us well, replacing them with new ways to move with freedom and ease and re awakening our innate joy in moving with awareness. Mindful movement becomes second nature, saving strain and fatigue, so that we get to the end of the day with more energy and we can accomplish more of the things we really want to do. Then it is possible to tap into a more active lifestyle without pain or injury, release tension and fade pain, to find new vitality and power in the world.

Moving Like a Wave - continues with more advanced lessons still very gentle and subtle and generally accessible to all. (Modifications will be made for each class to suit individual needs). Find again the freedom and joy in movement that you knew as a child, that will surprise and delight - like rolling in the waves. Move into a deeper sense of your sensory awareness and the scope to move through your life with more ease and power, to achieve the life you want to be living. In person at 1pm or on Zoom at 5pm. Small friendly classes.

Coping and Thriving - a restorative class on Zoom allowing you to rest, reflect and sink into these gentle and subtle movement patterns. Find the again the ease and freedom in movement, settle your nervous system, to ease the day's strain and sleep well, and wake refreshed and revitalised. During these changing times of Coivd, use this practice to ground yourself in your senses and reframe for positive new beginnings.

  • Functional Integration & Awareness Through Movement
Moving Like a Wave Wednesday 1.00pm - 2.00pm
Moving Like a Wave Wednesday 7.00pm - 8.00pm
Feldenkrais Fundamentals Thursday 1.00pm - 2.00pm
Coping and Thriving Thursday 5.00pm - 6.00pm

About Me

Awareness through Movement ® I offer weekly classes - teaching freedom and ease in everyday activity, using small gentle movements accessible to everyone. My own contemplative practices, such as Qi Gong, Yoga and meditation, colour the way I teach.
Functional Integration® One-on-one sessions tailored to your personal goals and needs. Listening to your experience that brings you to explore the Feldenkrais method, we will together explore strategies for the changes you want to enhance your movement and action.
I now enjoy to the full the delights that living in Tasmania makes possible, bushwalking, swimming and gardening, our wonderful cultural life and access to healthy food. I came to the Feldenkrais method to resolve my back issues, from decades in a sedentary working lifestyle. Now I feel 10 years younger and fitter. Sharing this renewing and liberating practice inspired me to complete the training and offer it to others, who can benefit too. That's just about everyone; but especially those of us looking forward to an active, healthy and pain-free older age, ready for change, learning and growing in fulfilment.