Ruth Marr

Decades of creative application of the Feldekrais Method
17 Milburn RD, GYMEA. NSW .2227/DymocksBld.16a/Level8, 428 George St,Sydney2000
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Monday - 9am - 5pm
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  • Functional Integration

About Me

Having been involved in practice of Feldenkrais Method since the late 1970's and actively practicing since 1990, I have seen the impact of this gentle yet effective method over and over again. I specialise in posture rehabilitation and alignment leading to improvement of functional needs in home, work and play.
I apply the Feldenkrais Method Functional Integration (one to one application), creating an approach suited to help you with the limitations your life puts to your body.
You could be seeking relief for a work related strain such as RSI, improving your posture or looking to assist a permanently bed-bound relative; I treat people of all ages, finding a way to personalise the movement processes to help with your particular ailment.