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Feldenkrais Awareness with Holly Huon
Studio Clifton Hill
4 Walker St
Clifton Hill, VIC, 3068
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  • Functional Integration & Awareness Through Movement
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About Me

Contemporary practitioner with an integrated approach to health & wellbeing, connectedness of mind | body | heart in relation to movement and function. Her core reference is the Feldenkrais Method® concepts and practices (Functional Integration® and Awareness Through Movement® group classes).

Practice Details
Northside - Studio at 4 Walker St, Clifton Hill, 3068
Southside - Studio change, details to be confirmed

What's the process:
An initial consultation is made in which we discuss your presenting needs, including any relevant background documents, medical history and your own thoughts and opinions. We will be discussing the Feldenkrais Method®, neuroplasticity and how it might apply in your case including hands on experience and follow up to be applied in your own practice.

The outcome of the first consultation will determine the next steps which can be a follow up session, a plan of ongoing sessions. We will also be discussing participation in ATM classes were appropriate, materials and resources.

A fundamental key to Holly's approach is to develop a working relationship with a client in which the client will be implementing strategies, practices in their everyday life and in their retraining. The personal engagement of the client is what really assist the person to create and sustain the changes they wish to make.

Holly's approach:
Holly is particularly skilled at recognising how complex patterns of body, mind , emotions and attitudes can become habituated and rigid in someone self image subtle movement possibilities and action in their life.

Once patterns are detected and identified, she assists clients to fulfil their own desired recovery or potential. Recent advancements in brain mapping have shown the brain is malleable or plastic, called neuroplasticity, and can change itself and adapt, whatever the condition, age or stage in life.

Often a person becomes convinced that change is not possible, particularly when there is a very strong diagnostic label and the condition may be long-standing and even in the case of aging. Neuroplasticity and Feldenkrais concepts have shown that this is not true, as we discover neurons can reprogram themselves and new brain paths and maps are created daily. The implications of this can lead people to unforeseen and sometimes rapid improvement, hope and greater autonomy.

As a seasoned practitioner, she believes in empathy, being present-centred, establishing a transparent relationship and supporting a person through understanding and working with their mind-body defences. She has a particular gift in seeing the potential possibilities in her clients. She retains her passion for the ability of a person to generate choice and change for themselves no matter how complex and difficult their situation is.

Initial consultation (75mins) - $135
Individual session (60mins) - $120
Individual session (90mins) $150
Awareness Through Movement group classes: $25 (Concession $20) *Concessions available on request.

Who can benefit:
Holly's practice covers a wide range of ages (from babies to seniors) and a broad range of circumstances from personal growth and transformation, improvement of mobility, flexibility and reduction of pain to performance enhancement of professional athletes, dancers, musicians and actors.

Personal benefits can include a range of improvements including regained curiosity, increased vitality, quickness of thinking, enhancement and shifts in one's self image, changes in breathing, posture, flexibility, range of motion and reduction of pain.. All contributing to an individual sense of self-potency.

In particular, Holly has expertise in working with people who present with a complex physical condition, injury, trauma or chronic pain. She is often referred people who have had extensive treatments and have not regained their desired function.

Recently Holly has been applying the principles and practices of the Feldenkrais Method to working with children with particular difficulties or special needs and their parents.

Other people are those interested in investigating the potential of the Feldenkrais Method to inspire and facilitate their own personal development and movement practices and experience the excitement of discovery and increased agency that comes with engaging in this practice.


Holly Huon (MAFG) offers: Individual Feldenkrais Functional Integration (FI) consultations. Awareness Through Movement classes (ATM) On contact, we make an initial appointment to discuss the concepts and the presenting condition, difficulties, wishes, goals, requests and include a relevant hands on experience of the Feldenkrais Method®. The outcome will determine ongoing work, which may be a short (4 to 6 sessions) or ongoing programme. Holly’s practice core beliefs are to meet someone where they are, make contemporary concepts clear and offer the work in a gentle systematic manner that leads people to engage with the essential elements of the Feldenkrais Methodology and practice. In this way, once a person’s interest and curiosity are engaged, Holly supports them in applying the work in their process of embodiment and the implementation in their everyday life. She retains her passion for the ability of a person to generate choice and change for themselves no matter how complex and difficult their situation is or how intense and disabling the experience of limitation or pain might be. She is consistently excited about the advances in neuroscience that are now proving that the brain can change itself, neuroplasticity, the implications of which can lead people to unforeseen and often rapid improvement, hope and greater autonomy and the means to create permanent change. Drawing on her long standing meditation practice and engagement in philosophy and the psychology of the human condition, particularly the archetypes, she also brings a creative perspective to the potential of a person to realise their own dreams. QUALIFICATION DETAILS Feldenkrais Method: Holly is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner, completing the First Feldenkrais training in Melbourne in 1991 and has had a consistent practice since then. She has had a broad range of experience including presentations at conferences, workshops and in the past, tutoring in several Feldenkrais accredited Training Programmes. Holly has been president of both local and national Feldenkrais professional bodies and an international representative for several years. She collaborates frequently with Hakomi, somatic and meditation practitioners and is currently working with the Melaka MAP Festival. Physiotherapy: Holly is a registered physiotherapist. Her early experience was in private practice in Melbourne and in community health education for 15 years. She continues to draw on this background in the scope of her work. She is registered with the NDIS. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP): Holly completed the practitioner training in NLP, which she integrates into her Feldenkrais practice. Other practices and studies: Insight meditation, Hakomi process, authentic dance and creative arts.


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