Daniel Levy

Oatley & Sydney City CBD Classes
Oatley, Wollstoncraft, Sydney City CBD
Sydney, NSW, 2223
Opening Times
Monday - 5pm - 10pm
Tuesday - 5pm - 10pm
Wednesday - 5pm - 10pm
Thursday - 5pm - 10pm
Friday - 5pm - 10pm
Saturday - 8am -8pm
Sunday - 8am - 8pm
  • Functional Integration & Awareness Through Movement
  • Awareness Through Movement
Bookings not required
Sydney Townhall City CBD
474 Kent Street
St Andrew's House
Sydney, NSW, 2000
Opening Times
Monday - 4pm - 8pm
Tuesday - 4pm - 8pm
Wednesday - 4pm - 8pm
Thursday - 4pm - 8pm
Friday - 4pm - 8pm
Saturday - 10am - 5pm
Sunday - 10am - 5pm
  • Functional Integration & Awareness Through Movement
Bookings required
73 Shirley Road
Wollstoncraft, NSW, 2065
Opening Times

Monday-9am - 5pmTuesday-9am - 5pmWednesday-9am - 5pmThursday-9am - 5pmFriday-9am - 5pmSaturday-9am - 5pmSunday-9am - 5pm

  • Functional Integration & Awareness Through Movement
Bookings not required

About Me

You may have heard of such concepts as "mindfulness", "brain exercises" and "neuroplasticity". But what if it wasn't just about the mind, but about the body and how you move 'mindfully' as well with 'awareness'. Daniel Levy is now running Feldenkrais "Awareness through Movement" classes. He is inspired by the method and challenges himself as he delves into such systemic questions that puzzle us such as "what is good posture?" or "how can I sit correctly for a sustained period of time in front of the computer?" and "why do I have a constant sore back?". What if through simple exercises, and repeating them mindfully with focused awareness you can create new neural pathways in the brain and open up new movement patterns to increase your overall well-being, posture, flexibility and energy. Through attending his classes you should be able to understand more about reducing the pain you experience. Please contact Daniel as he see's clients in Oatley Southern Suburb, Wollstoncraft Northern Suburb and in Sydney city townhall in the CBD. To check out his specials at the moment see here: https://www.refreshreboot.com.au/store-1/5-functional-integration-one-on...


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