Vanessa Stephen

Feldenkrais Practitioner
 Vanessa Stephen
Vanessa Stephen
Nedlands - Simply Better Movement
22 Kinninmont Ave
Nedlands, WA, 6009
Opening Times
Monday   9.30am - 5.30pm
Tuesday   1.30 - 5.30pm
Wednesday   11am - 4.00pm
Thursday   1.30 - 5.30pm
Friday   9.30am - 2pm
Weekends   Weekends are possible.  Please call for times.
    Availability varies, times are an indication. Please call.
  • Functional Integration
Online Classes

WA, 6010
Opening Times
Wednesday 9.00 - 10.00am ONLINE with Zoom starts 21st October 2020 - 7 classes
Wednesday 5.45 - 6.45pm ONLINE with Zoom starts 21st October 2020 - 7 classes


  • Awareness Through Movement
Online Wednesday 9.00am - 10.00am
Online Wednesday 5.45pm - 6.45pm

About Me

I graduated as a Feldenkrais Practitioner in Perth in 2017 having formerly trained as a Radiographer (Medical Imaging Technologist) in 1989. Sport and movement are a major part of my life. When participation was compromised by pain in my late 30's, I struggled in search of solutions. I pursued all mainstream avenues searching for a path back to vitality and health. It was only when I discovered Feldenkrais movement classes did I find the key to ongoing improvement. As a Feldenkrais practitioner I find it so rewarding to help others realise that a better life is within reach with the improved self awareness that can be learnt with the Feldenkrais Method.

I teach Awareness Through Movement classes online on Wednesday mornings and evenings using Zoom. My Website is the best way to find out about classes which usually run for 6 weeks in the middle of each school term. I am available for one-on-one Functional Integration (FI).