Catherine James

Catherine James
 Catherine James
Catherine James
Townsville Qld

Townsville, QLD, 4810
Opening Times
Monday   9am - 5pm
Tuesday   9am - 5pm
Wednesday   9am - 5pm
Thursday   9am - 5pm
Friday   9am - 5pm
  • Functional Integration & Awareness Through Movement
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About Me

In my Feldenkrais® classes and one-on-one sessions you’ll be offered a safe, supportive environment where you can explore your movement potential, work towards achieving your goals and dreams, deepen your sense of how you move and improve your coordination, creativity, balance, agility and the quality with which you move.

In sessions lasting about an hour, you will be guided (verbally in group Awareness Through Movement® classes and with voice and gentle hands-on suggestions in one-on-one Functional Integration® lessons) through a sequence of movement patterns which are designed to help you perform a specific function or activity more efficiently and easily, with less effort and tension.

Every aspect of your life has the potential to be impacted when you take part in Feldenkrais® sessions regularly – eg how you walk, communicate, swim, use a computer/device, run, recover from injuries and illnesses, clean house, brainstorm, cycle, make decisions, sleep, lift weights, plan, dance, carry children/groceries, wash up, deal with deadlines/conflict situations, paint, sculpt and renovate. The more equitable distribution of labour, reduction of effort, better kinaesthetic awareness and more precise alignment that result from regular Feldenkrais® practice often lead to people reporting an increased sense of freedom, lightness, power, pleasure and calm.

I've been in practice since 1992. I'm based in Townsville and occasionally visit other centres in north Queensland. For more information please ring/sms 0428 777 880 or email movebetternow (at)