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Feldenkrais in Williamstown
. Elizabeth Carey
Elizabeth Carey

Williamstown North, VIC, 3016
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  • Functional Integration
Williamstown North

Williamstown North, VIC, 3016
  • Functional Integration & Awareness Through Movement

About Me

By capitalising on the brain's plasticity, the Feldenkrais Method can stimulate and create neural pathways. This assists people to awaken possibilities in themselves in order to better manage their life, limitations and/or pain. Where people have found little success using other modalities, they have found benefits from the Feldenkrais Method. Some people need only one or a few sessions, while others undertake regular sessions.
Liz has worked with children and adults, musculo-skeletal conditions, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, back pain, leg and knee issues, elderly people with degenerative spines and balance issues, workplace pain and discomfort, women during pregnancy, limitations with and management of movement in neurological conditions such as Parkinsons Disease, children with cerebral palsy, and people with mental health issues such as phobias, bipolar, and other disorders or people that simple want to improve how they walk. Liz sees movement as integral to life so there are no boundaries for how the Feldenkrais Method might be used. Everyone can benefit - and so can animals. Liz has experience in how Feldenkrais and derivative Methods enable dogs to improve their daily function such as walking, running and jumping, and to reduce anxiety.
About Elizabeth Carey, CFP
Liz found the Feldenkrais Method following the decline of her movement and years of pain as a result of sport injuries, surgery and health issues. In her first exposure to the Feldenkrais Method she was hooked by the instant possibilities.
Liz has over twenty years experience with the Feldenkrias Method, tertiary qualification and experience working in Community and Human Services. She is a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and an active member of the Australian Feldenkrias Guild Inc.
She has personal experience in dealing successfully with chronic pain and changing prognosis, and enjoys working with people to switch on new possibilities. She has moved from her practice in Kingscliff NSW to Williamstown VIC where she is available for home visits for Individuals or Groups.