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Melbourne Feldenkrais Studio
 Ingrid Weisfelt
Ingrid Weisfelt
Melbourne Feldenkrais Studio
390 Little Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
Opening Times

Wednesday-Friday 9am-5pm
Home visits available for children who live within a 20km radius of Melbourne CBD

  • Functional Integration

About Me

Ingrid works with all people who are interested in improving their ability to sense and feel their body move. She runs a Feldenkrais practice in Melbourne's CBD for adults, works as a Movement Therapist at Warringa Park Special School and does home visits for families with children who have special needs.

Ingrid has been working as a certified Feldenkrais practitioner in the arts since 2002 and in allied health since 2010.

Ingrid's Feldenkrais practice is informed by her twenty year career as a professional dancer. Her movement teaching skills have evolved from a study of contemporary and classical dance training, yoga, contact improvisation and physical theatre. Ingrid has taught at several performing arts institutions in Europe and Australia including the National Theatre Drama School, Monash University, the Victorian College of the Arts and Theatre Basel, Switzerland. She teaches movement for actors and singers, basing her teaching in the Feldenkrais Method. Ingrid is currently teaching Feldenkrais for the second year dance students at the Victorian College of the Arts (Melbourne University).

Influenced by her creative practise, Ingrid integrates a strong sense of play, sponteneity and exploration into her Feldenkrais work.

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